Keep in touch with IECA@COP21

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Are you or your students interested in COP21?

As you may know, the IECA (led by Prof. Gregg Walker, Oregon State University, and Mark Meisner, the IECA Executive Director) has secured four badges for IECA members to serve as delegates at COP21.

The International Environmental Communication Association’s (IECA’s) Climate Negotiations Working Group at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)/COP21 include:
Week 1, Nov 30-Dec 4: Prof. Phaedra C. Pezzullo, Department of Communication, University of Colorado Boulder, USA & Prof. Juliet Pinto, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Florida International University, USA; Week 2, Dec 7-11: Prof. Anabela Carvalho, University of Minho, Portugal & Prof. Chui-Ling Tam, Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada

We will be staying in touch via social media. Here’s our plan so far, in case you want to help us publicize IECA or use this as a teaching tool:


Twitter: #COP21_IECA

Feel welcome to follow individual delegates using that hashtag; we’ll post our handles to IECA once we start tweeting. Whether you are following from Paris or elsewhere, please, feel welcome to use this hashtag to create a raised awareness of our association. IECA will have a booth inside COP21. We will distribute information, such as a handout on the IECA and, hopefully, flier on the journal, Environmental Communication.

Are more of you attending? We also know that Max Boykoff (CU Boulder) is attending. Is anyone else? If so, let us know so we can coordinate.