Our New Look

Mark Meisner's picture

You may have noticed our new look. Actually, it's our first real look, as opposed to temporary looks which is what we've had until now.
The logo is part leaf, part speech balloon, representing both the environment and communication. But it's subtle and distinctive as well. We hope you like it.
The logo was designed by Kasey Orr, a student at Western Oregon University. She and four other students in Jen Bracy's class proposed designs that would visually represent IECA's identity. Our logo committee, consisting of Emily Plec, Jean-Francois Denault, Leigh Bernacchi, Jonathan Gray, Valerie Thatcher, and Jody Boehnert, helped us make the difficult choice from among the different designs. Jody Boehnert then who helped bring it to the finish line.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I want to thank everyone who was involved in this process.