Grounding our Hope in the Hard Work Ahead

Mark Meisner's picture

On Sunday, the International Environmental Communication Association wrapped up its 2015 Conference on Communication and Environment in Boulder.

Bridging Divides: Spaces of Scholarship and Practice in Environmental Communication brought together researchers, practitioners, artists and students from around the world, and on the first full day of the conference, treated them to an inspiring and inspired keynote address by Dr. Susanne Moser.

In this 50-minute talk, entitled "Hope: A Bridge Without Railing," Dr. Moser explores what hope means, how we can stay hopeful, and how we can make hope work for us in the face of global climate disruption and other social and environmental challenges. If you ever wondered whether there is hope and what it looks like, you need to watch this talk. It begins with conference program Co-Chair Max Boykoff introducing Susanne Moser.

Enjoy. Stay hopeful. And channel that hope into your work. Thanks Susi.