Plus One Campaign

Mark Meisner's picture

IECAlogoPlusOne.pngToday The IECA is launching a simple campaign to increase our membership. It's called "Plus One" and it asks ALL current members to bring a friend to The IECA for 2015.

The IECA is a solid, but small association. We are doing really well for our size, but we don't yet have the capacity to pursue our ambitions in a bold way. Simply, we need a larger committed membership to sustain and advance The IECA and its mission in the long term.

We dont have the resources for a big outreach campaign. But that's OK because we think the best way to get new people involved is through the personal connections of our members. So, we are asking ALL current members to get at least one other person to join The IECA. She or he could be a colleague, a student, a professor, a friend, it doesn't matter, as long as they are passionate about finding better ways to communicate about environmental and sustainability affairs.

Our hope is to have 100% participation from our current members.

Starting now, all new memberships last through to the end of 2015, so go ahead and invite your Plus One to The IECA. To help you out, we have a one-page flyer in PDF format that you can download and share with a friend.

As always, thanks for your interest in The IECA.

- Mark Meisner, Executive Director