Visualising Science and Environment Symposium success!

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The ‘Visualising Science and Environment Symposium’ held at the University of Brighton UK on 17-18 November 2011 turned out to be a fantastic two days of generous dialogue, debate and inspiring  presentations from a host of people working within the fields of science and environment  communication (see Academics, artists, designers, scientists, educators and NGOs from across the globe came together to offer their experiences  and reflections on the role of images and imagery in the communication of issues ranging from climate change, nanotechnology, MS, particle physics and the ozone hole, to biodiversity, animal ethics and surgery.

Amidst the diversity of topics and approaches, a common concern and belief was shared: the importance of images and visualisations to communicate and give meaning to environmental and scientific matters, and a recognition of the productive possibilities offered by collaborative research and practice.  Co-organised by the Science and Environment Communication Section of ECREA (, in association with the Media Research Group at the University of Brighton UK (, and kindly supported by the IECA, the symposium represented the importance of interdisciplinary work on visual communication. It also highlighted the need for more research and practice into this area if our knowledge and understanding of science and environment is to be enriched, as well as challenged. A range of networking and publication opportunities arising from the symposium are currently underway and conversations are still flowing!

Julie Doyle