Seven Surprising Things about the IECA

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Better sit down. You'll be amazed by these seven surprising things you should know about The IECA :-)

1. We have a LISTSERV again, and have had one for a while. Well, it's technically a Google group, but it functions the same way. Send your email to Start a discussion. Ask a question. Share something interesting. Reply by email (what a concept!). All members SHOULD be on the list, but if you are not, you can always join, as can non-members.

2. IECA Members can still post to the forums on our web site. Forum postings are sent out as email notifications, but you have to login to reply. Not always convenient, but some people prefer the forum format. We're working on simplifying the layout of those notifications by the way.

3. All IECA members can post content to the web site. This includes job ads, calls for submissions, event announcements, member news updates, bibliography entries, full bibliographies, film listings, academic programs, course syllabi, links to their blogs, and links to EC-related organizations. The more you share, the stronger the community. It's easier than you might think; just login. Also, with most of these postings, members get sent an email notification.

4. IECA members are a mix of practitioners, academics, students, artists and organizations. We're more professionally diverse than you probably think.

5. IECA members can create a professional profile that lists their interests related to environmental communication. These are then available through the member directory. This helps members with shared interests to network. Just login and edit your professional profile.

6. All of our resources are searchable from the simple search box at the top of every page. Go ahead, try it. If you are not logged in, the search only includes publicly-available resources, so logging in is better because it includes member-only resources such as The EC List and the Master Bibliography. If you prefer to search a specific resource, just go to its page and use the custom filters.

7. The IECA is smaller than you think. We have a unique mission and work hard with our limited resources. To help achieve our vision, we need to grow and expand our financial resources. Can you help us grow the membership, or fundraise? How about a donation? Or simply join us if you are not already a member. Have any other ideas? Let us know.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays.

- The IECA