New domain for the IECA

The IECA's picture

The IECA web site has moved to a new domain:

We did this for several reasons:

1. To shorten the URL, making it easier to type.

2. To have a domain that highlights and builds the identity of the organization. Our old domain,, was fine, but didn't distinguish the IECA.

3. To do what most organizations do, which is to have their acronym in their URL.

4. To harmonize our domain with our Facebook and Twitter identities, both of which are theIECA.

OK, so what's next?

Everything should work just the way it did at the old domain. Any web page that used to be at will now be in the same location, but at

Those of you who subscribe to our RSS feed will probably need to re-subscribe from the new site.

How can you help? PLEASE update your bookmarks and links to our site so that they use the new URL. If you don't have a link to us on your blog or web page, please add one. We need that support.

It shouldn't happen, but if mail sent to an address bounces, please let us know by writing to admin at environmentalcomm dot org with the details.

By the way, we have also moved to a new web hosting service which will hopefully speed things up a bit. Let us know what your experience is.

Thanks for your patience during the transition.