March 2012 issue of Environmental Communication published

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CoverThe March 2012 issue of Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture (Volume 6, Number 1) has been published.

The new articles in this issue are:
Amplifiers on the Commons: Using Indicators to Foster Place-Based Sustainability Initiatives
by James G. Cantrill
Creating a Place for Environmental Communication Research in Sustainability Science
by Laura A. Lindenfeld, Damon M. Hall, Bridie McGreavy, Linda Silka & David Hart
Climate in the News: How Differences in Media Discourse Between the US and UK Reflect National Priorities
by Brigitte Nerlich, Richard Forsyth & David Clarke
Media Coverage of Climate Change in Chile: A Content Analysis of Conservative and Liberal Newspapers
by Devin M. Dotson, Susan K. Jacobson, Lynda Lee Kaid & J. Stuart Carlton
Transcorporeal Tourism: Whales, Fetuses, and the Rupturing and Reinscribing of Cultural Constraints
by Tema Milstein & Charlotte Kroløkke
Unravelling the Threads: Discourses of Sustainability and Consumption in an Online Forum
by Geoff Cooper, Nicola Green, Kate Burningham, David Evans & Tim Jackson
Energy Futures: Five Dilemmas of the Practice of Anticipatory Governance
by Sarah R. Davies & Cynthia Selin
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