IECA member Arul Aram's new book: Communication Strategies for Coastal Communities

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Communication Strategies for Coastal Communities coverIECA Founding Member, Dr. Arul Aram has published a new book entitled Communication Strategies for Coastal Communities: The Case of Tamil Nadu.

The role of communication in coastal management is well demonstrated in this book. The main objectives are: (i) to identify and assess the overall communication requirements of coastal areas in terms of: fishing industry needs, economic needs, educational needs, health needs, social/personal needs, entertainment needs, safety needs, and other needs of fisher folk; (ii) to provide social inputs for intervention of satellite communication to fulfil the overall communication needs of coastal areas; and (iii) to suggest the overall communication strategy for fishing growth and coastal development. The media habits of fisher folk with regard to newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet, besides communication habits such as use of landline telephone, mobile phone and wireless were studied, and their relative and cumulative effectiveness found.


Dr. I. Arul Aram is Director of the Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai, India. He is formerly a Chief Sub-Editor with The Hindu newspaper. He has published 65 papers and four books. He was a post-doctoral fellow of the London School of Economics. He specializes in climate change communication.


Congratulations to Dr. Aram!