IECA Election Results

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The results are in–the members of the first International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) Board of Directors have been elected.

Over 180 individuals cast more than 1000 votes over a three-week voting period between April 25 and May 15.

The ten top vote-getters were (listed in alphabetical order)–

Lee Ahern (US)
Anabela Carvalho (Portugal)
Julie Doyle (UK)
Anders Hansen (UK)
Libby Lester (Australia)
Soenke Lorenzen (Netherlands)
Amanda Niode (Indonesia)
Stacey Sowards (US)
Nadarajah Sriskandarajah (Sweden)
Barbara Willard (US)

Thanks to all 23 candidates who ran for office in this initial election. Complete election results are available upon request by contacting us. Three candidates (Ahern, Lester, Niode) tied for eighth place in the voting. After results were tabulated, the top seven elected Board members unanimously approved the addition of all three eighth-place vote-getters to the Board, per the provision in the by-laws that the Board can appoint at-large members to reflect geographic diversity, stakeholder mix, etc. The Board will also be joined by the current editor of the journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION: A JOURNAL OF NATURE AND CULTURE (Steve Depoe), bringing the total number of members to 11 for 2011-12.

The Board will hold its initial meeting at the upcoming COCE conference in El Paso TX at the end of June. We encourage you to remain involved in the roll-out of the new association by volunteering to serve in various committees and work groups as they are announced in the months ahead. We also encourage you to join the association as a founding member if you have not done so already. Thanks again for your support of IECA!