Impact Factor Increases for Environmental Communication Journal

Alison Anderson's picture

The Impact Factor for Environmental Communication has risen from 0.803 to 0.817 and our association's journal now ranks 37/76 in the Communication category! 

You can continue to help boost this and grow the broader community by:

  •  spreading the news about the journal to colleagues
  •  submitting your own high quality work to Environmental Communication
  •  citing the journal in your own published work. The more the journal gets cited in other journals the more the impact factor increases
  •  publicizing articles via social media e.g. Twitter and IECA Facebook page
  •  making your EC work and interests more widely available via sites such as LinkedIn and or (though be aware of copyright restrictions!)

Also see for some very useful additional tips on how you can publicize the journal, such as including it on course reading lists.

Let’s work together to continue to promote the field as widely as we can!!​