Special Issue: Media Research on Climate Change

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I am pleased to announce that a new Special Issue of Environmental Communication has just been published online. This very timely issue focuses on Media Research and Climate Change and is guest edited by Ulrika Olausson (Jönköping University, Sweden) and Peter Berglez (Örebro University, Sweden). The issue sets out to examine what conclusions can be drawn in light of the existing body of work, what lessons can be learnt, what are the key challenges and what are the most fruitful avenues of future research? It promises to make an important contribution to the field and stimulate much debate.



     Media Research on Climate Change: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Heading? (Ulrika Olausson & Peter Berglez)


  1. Media Representations of Climate Change: A Meta-Analysis of the Research Field (Mike S. Schäfer & Inga Schlichting)
  2. Constructions of Climate Change on the Radio and in Nepalese Lay Focus Groups (Sangita Shrestha, Kate Burningham & Colin B. Grant)
  3. Integrating Media Studies of Climate Change into Transdisciplinary Research: Which Direction Should We Be Heading? (Hollie M. Smith & Laura Lindenfeld)
  4. How Grammatical Choice Shapes Media Representations of Climate (Un)certainty (Adriana Bailey, Lorine Giangola & Maxwell T. Boykoff)
  5. Democratic Debate and Mediated Discourses on Climate Change: From Consensus to De/politicization (Yves Pepermans & Pieter Maeseele)
  6. Media Context and Reporting Opportunities on Climate Change: 2012 versus 1988 (Sheldon Ungar)
  7. Media and Climate Change: Four Long-standing Research Challenges Revisited (Ulrika Olausson & Peter Berglez)

As an IECA member you can gain full access to the journal online by simply clicking on the Publications tab, selecting Environmental Communication and going direct to the publisher's website.

Please share this news widely and do consider submitting your own work for possible future publication in the journal.