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At the first meeting of the IECA Board of Directors at the COCE conference in El Paso, the Board selected its initial slate of officers:

Chair Steve Depoe (U.S.)

Vice-Chair Lee Ahern (U.S.)

Secretary Anders Hansen (U.K.)

Treasurer Barb Willard (U.S.)

In addition, the following committee chairs were identified:

Nominations/Elections: Lee Ahern (as Vice-Chair)

Research/Publication: Libby Lester (Australia)

Membership/Outreach: Soenke Lorenzen (Netherlands), Julie Doyle (U.K.)

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The results are in–the members of the first International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) Board of Directors have been elected.

Over 180 individuals cast more than 1000 votes over a three-week voting period between April 25 and May 15.

The ten top vote-getters were (listed in alphabetical order)–

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