Alaska Wilderness League Presentation

Download Presentation and Script (16MB Zip file...may take a long time to download)

This presentation is a short version of the regular Alaska Wilderness League traveling slide-show and grassroots organizing presentation. It is about a year out of date, but appropriate for our purpose. It was specifically designed to address the students in my course (communication, environment and environmentalism).

Eric Dumont from the AWL was kind enough to pass it on so that I could pass it on to you. I think it is very appropriate for classromm use, but I beleive you should contact Eric at the AWL if you intend to use it in a paper or something. I am happy to help with that contact.

At this past COCE Robbie Cox mentioned that the "save the ANWR" side of the debate was having trouble answering the "footprint will be small and won't impact the wildlife" visual argument (graphs and maps) that was being used by the pro-drillers. Slides 25-28 are specifically designed to address that argument with counter-visuals. In this case, "emperical/historical analogy, in the form of photos of Prudhoe Bay and the existing pipelines. Eric was kind enough to include his script--so you can see how he attempted to "frame these photos." Indeed, Eric introduces those slides by saying something like, "Our opponents like to say that the footprint will be small. . ." As i remeber the presenation, he went into quite a bit more detail--but the script gives you a "feel" for it. In addition, I think that the slide show as a whole represents a "counter-visual" to the footprint argument.

As an added bounus: Note slide 29 (answer to the national security argument), this slide is a powerful rebuttle to the national security argument. I have heard auditoruims "gasp"---and even non-environmentalist have mentioned how powerful that argument is.

Hope you find this useful.

Pete Bsumek, James Madison University, October 2005


Download Presentation and Script (16MB Zip file...may take a long time to download)