Picture of a small girl wearing a sign that says "We can be heroes just for one day," a quote from David BowieStanding Committees

Communications & Website Committee

The Communications & Website Committee shall develop and oversee the website, email database, graphics and other mechanisms for interacting with the membership and the public at large.

  • Vacant
  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee shall include the current host for the COCE. It shall be responsible for soliciting and selecting hosts and sites for the Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE), supporting the host and conference during its planning and implementation, and promoting broad participation from variety of international and vocational sectors.  

  • Geo Takach, Chair
  • Alison Anderson
  • Richard Doherty
  • Darlene Farris-LaBar
  • Jen Good
  • Shane Gunster
  • Hanna Morris
  • Mark Pedelty
  • Clive Tesar
  • Fernanda Tomaselli
  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

Membership and Outreach Committee

The Membership & Outreach Committee shall be charged with assisting the Executive Director in all aspects of membership management, including the annual membership directory, and with promoting and actively seeking to grow the membership, including international networking and bridging academic and professional or practitioner interests.

  • Nancy Van Leuven, Chair
  • Clive Tesar
  • Richard Doherty
  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

Nominations & Elections Committee

The Nominating & Elections Committee shall be chaired by the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for assisting the Board in developing criteria for selecting nominees and for recruiting, screening, and presenting Board candidates to the membership for election. The Committee shall assist the Secretary of the Board in conducting elections.

  • Samantha Senda-Cook, Chair
  • Barb Willard
  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

Research & Publications Committee

The Research & Publications Committee shall be charged with selecting the editor of the Association’s journal (Environmental Communication), assisting in the development of the aim and scope of the journal, corresponding with the journal’s publisher as needed and in consultation with the journal’s editor, and supporting the journal and other research and publication opportunities consistent with the mission of the Association.

  • Nik Norma Nik Hasan, Chair
  • Steve Depoe
  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall establish and implement awards programs for environmental communication accomplishments, by members or non-members, that may include research, teaching, practice and other activities that are relevant to the mission of the Association.

  • Jennifer Good, Chair
  • Carrie Freeman
  • Hanna Morris

  • Emma Bloomfield

  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

Ad-Hoc Committees

Climate Negotiations Working Group

  • Gregg Walker, Chair
  • Mark Meisner (ex officio)

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