Tadesse Amera Sahilu

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Elected Member
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Pesticide Action Nexus Association (PAN-Ethiopia)
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TADESSE AMERA SAHILU  is the director of PAN-Ethiopia, a civil society organization in Ethiopia working to mitigate the environmental and human health impacts of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. He also served for seven years in the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia as District Environmental Health and Health Education Coordinator on a wide range of public health issues. He is currently an elected Co-Chair for IPEN (www.ipen.org),  a  network of over 500 public interest environmental health NGOs in more than 125 countries that is united to eradicate the world’s most harmful chemicals for a toxics-free future for all. 

Best known for a pioneering agro-ecology initiative that models organic alternatives to eliminate highly hazardous pesticide use in cotton cultivation in Ethiopia, SAHILU has advanced numerous environmental health initiatives at local, national and regional levels and leads health and environmental engagements in high-level international policy making fora. His work in Ethiopia on electronics-waste issues has resulted in a regulation that includes the first national product Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) provision ratified in June 2018 by the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia. Similarly, his work with PAN Ethiopia and IPEN’s Lead-Safe Paint Campaign to protect children’s health from the ravages of lead exposure through household and decorative paints has come to fruition with a strong new national regulation limiting lead in paint in Ethiopia. 

SAHILU has a BSc. degree In Environmental Health and Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Jimma University and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia respectively; and he has a PhD in Environmental Communication from the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU).

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