Nik Norma Nik Hasan

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Elected Member
Job Title: 
Deputy Dean (Academic, Students Affairs & Alumni)
School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Personal Statement: 

Nik’s areas of specializations are in science and environmental journalism and environmental risk communication.  She has undertaken many international collaboration researches with universities within the Southeast Asia region and currently studying on Japan’s Fukushima post disaster risk communication, youth engagement for climate action, as well as, local perceptions and media representations of risks from Lynas rare earth processing in Malaysia, one of the largest rare earth separation plants in the world. Her interests have taken her toward researching environmental issues in media, as well as ethical aspects of environmental news writing. 

At present, she is working to establish an Environmental Communication (EC) Referral Hub which aims to archive environmental communication big data from research, activities and networks to serve as Southeast Asia’s repository for EC research and empirical data on environmental issues for researchers, local communities, industries, governments and (Environmental) Non-Governmental Organisations (E)NGOs. 

An avid scuba diver, Nik also plays Bali gamelan in her spare time.  

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