Geo Takach

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Elected Member
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Associate Professor
Royal Roads University
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I am delighted to belong to the IECA as a founding member and volunteer, working for and alongside a remarkable band of scholars and practitioners. Beyond prof-dom, I am a veteran writer, filmmaker, workshop leader, speaker and lifelong learner. As an environmental communicator, I aim to shed the constructively critical light of word, sound and image on flows of power in society relating to our use of the Earth’s precious resources, and to engage and move audiences to thought and action by sharing this research through arts-based formats. Towards these ends, my recent work includes two books, Scripting the Environment (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) and Tar Wars (University of Alberta Press, 2017), and Chapter 8 in Environmental Communication Pedagogy and Practice (ed. Milstein, Pileggi and Morgan, Routledge, 2017). A current, federally-funded research project involves intersections of Indigenous Ways of Knowing, environmental policy around water and oil pipelines, place-identity and place-branding on the Pacific Coast in Canada. More details of my adventures lurk here.

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