Gabriele Hadl

Board Role: 
Elected Member
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Associate Professor
Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Sociology
Personal Statement: 

I have received my education on three continents, and am now a permanent resident of Japan. My parents loved scuba diving and made their own media (amateur underwater films), but it took me surprisingly long to identify as an environmental communication scholar. My previous fields include film and cultural studies (BA, MA), alternative media (PhD), and media policy (Post-doc). I love networks and associations (also a legacy of my parents I suppose) and have been part of OURmedia, Indymedia Japan, BuyNothingDay Japan, Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication and IAMCR (International Council Member 2012-16).

I hope to help establish IECA as an inspiring example for other professional organizations: striving for its practices to be as environmentally responsible as its words (i.e. green conferencing, low-carbon networking, carbon divesting), fiscal responsibility and accountable governance, a clear vision, and supporting a mutually supportive community.

The most urgent matter facing the world is climate change and the myriad environmental and social problems it amplifies. We need to have 'all hands on deck'. IECA members are people who want to rise to that challenge. They are committed, each in their own way, to fight for social, intergenerational and inter-species justice. The job of the organization (especially the board) is to empower them to do so.

The enemy is BAU (business as usual).



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