Clive Tesar

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Clive Tesar Consulting
Personal Statement: 

I've worked across much of the communications spectrum over the years, as a researcher, a journalist, a consultant, and then head of communication in a large international NGO. during the early part of my career I was aware that there was research on communication, but didn't know much beyond that until taking a masters in Environmental Education and Communication. When I saw the wealth of academic resources available, I realized how useful they could be in my own practice, but also in the practices of colleagues. Many of the communicators with whom I have worked over the years are unaware of the existence of the research. Conversely, the academic community does not always understand the needs of the practitioners in the field, or the limitations that budgets and capacities can place on the design and execution of communications efforts. 

I see it as my role on the board to attempt to reinforce the efforts of IECA to help span this gap, to improve the understanding of practitioners and academics of each others' work, and raise the profile of environmental issues in the public consciousness. I know that's a grandiose goal, and so would appreciate any help I can get, and would be happy to help others working toward the same goal.


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September 2018-September 2020