Anke Wonneberger

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Elected Member
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Assistant Professor
University of Amsterdam
Personal Statement: 

I am an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research with a background in Communication and Cultural Science. Being a member of the IECA since 2017, I have become more engaged as a member of the strategic planning committee and as co-program chair for COCE 2021. In my research I am trying to understand how conflicting interests contribute to societal problems and how we can find effective solutions. This is guided by the belief that communication on different levels and in various forms plays a crucial part in solving the wicked problems related to the environment and sustainable development. A lot of my research investigates the role of non-profits or NGOs in public discourses as these are a great starting point to look at the interplay between societal, organizational, and individual actions. I have developed and teach a master course on sustainability communication and supervise many students in this area. In addition to being in contact with environmental NGOs and communication practitioners for my teaching and research, I am volunteering for a nature conservation organization here in the Netherlands – connecting people and nature, which is quite special in a country where most nature is, in fact, human-made.

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