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Board of Directors

The role of the IECA Board of Directors is described in the organizational by-laws. Elected board members serve staggered four-year terms. Appointed members serve two-year terms. The Elections page has the latest information on Board elections.

Soenke Lorenzen

Term: 2011-2015, 2015-2017
Global Engagement Research Manager
Greenpeace International

Being one of the few board members whose engagement with environmental communication is rooted in the NGO sector, has been a challenging and rewarding task in the past four years. I am proud that the IECA has managed to mature and grow in those years, but one of the major challenges we have been... Read more

Richard J. Doherty

Term: 2015-2019
Adjunct Professor
New England College, Henniker, NH
United States

As an environmentalist and environmental communication scholar my work on the board will be cooperative and will encourage members to volunteer a little time. I have an ethical commitment to help avert the environmental crises and injustice people face in the world today, and I see working with... Read more

Hollie Smith

Term: 2016-2018
Assistant Professor
University of Rhode Island
United States

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island, Hollie works primarily with the public relations program, teaching courses that will help our graduates enter the field as communication professionals. Prior to working in the Ocean State, she lived in Maine while getting her PhD as a... Read more

Gabriele Hadl

Term: 2015-2019
Associate Professor
Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Sociology

I have received my education on three continents, and am now a permanent resident of Japan. My parents loved scuba diving and made their own media (amateur underwater films), but it took me surprisingly long to identify as an environmental communication scholar. My previous fields include film... Read more

Matthew C. Nisbet

Journal Editor
Term: 2017-19
Associate Professor
Northeastern University
United States

Matthew Nisbet is professor of communication at Northeastern University, editor-in-chief of the journal Environmental Communication and a founding senior editor at ORE Climate Science. Nisbet studies the role of journalists, advocates, and experts in shaping debates over science, technology, and... Read more

Jennifer Good

Elected Member
Term: 2015-2019
Associate Professor
Brock University

JENNIFER GOOD is an Associate Professor of Communication, Popular Culture, and Film at Brock University (St. Catharines, Canada)

Jennifer Good’s research and teaching interests sit at the intersections between the mediated communication, materialism and our relationship... Read more

Camden Howitt

Appointed Member
Term: 2015-2017
General Manager and Communications Director
Sustainable Coastlines
New Zealand

Camden Howitt is General Manager and Communications Director of multi-award winning New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines. Inspired by a life in, on, under and beside the sea, he has a relentless passion for our oceans. After working in advertising, Camden left the for-profit sector for... Read more

Jen Schneider

Elected Member
Term: 2013-2017
Associate Professor, Public Policy and Administration
Boise State University
United States

Jen Schneider is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration (starting fall 2014). Dr. Schneider’s research addresses challenges in the public communication of scientific and environmental controversies, with a particular focus on industry rhetoric and rhetoric’s... Read more

Stacey Sowards

Elected Member
Term: 2011-2013, 2013-2017
Professor & Chair
Department of Communication, The University of Texas at El Paso
United States

Stacey Sowards is a founding member and board member of the International Environmental Communication Association, since its inception in 2011.  She currently is Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Nadarajah Sriskandarajah (Sri)

Elected Member
Term: 2011-2013, 2013-2017
Professor in Environmental Communication
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

My beginnings were in agriculture and rural development. For well over two decades, I have sought to work with the challenge of complexity at the human-nature interface, taking a systemic, inter-disciplinary and learning-oriented approach. Today, my own research and that of my students have a... Read more

Clive Tesar

Appointed Member
Term: 2016-2018
Head of communications and external relations
WWF Arctic Programme

I've worked across much of the communications spectrum over the years, as a researcher, a journalist, a consultant, and now head of communication in a large international NGO. during the early part of my career I was aware that there was research on communication, but didn't know much beyond... Read more

Samantha Senda-Cook

Term: 2017-2021
Associate Professor
Creighton University
United States

As the Vice-Chair of the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA), I would like to help “foster effective and inspiring communication that alleviates environmental issues and conflicts, and solves the problems that cause them.” Because I valued the idea of the IECA, I joined... Read more

Susan Assy Tumuhairwe

Elected Member
Term: 2017-2021
Communications Officer
World Wide Fund for Nature


I am currently working with World Wide Fund, Uganda Country Office as a Communications Officer. I am fairly new in the field of environment professionally but have always been passionate about environmental issues. Before I joined WWF, I had already been involved in various campaigns... Read more

Nancy Van Leuven

Elected Member
Term: 2017-2021
Instructor, California State University East Bay
Global Spark
United States

As a new board member, I'm excited to join IECA's great work during this turbulent time in environmental communication and especially hope to help increase partnerships!  Most of my work has been in marketing and community development with public and private groups ranging from the International... Read more

Ruben Zondervan

Elected Member
Term: 2017-2019
Executive Director
Earth System Governance Project

Ruben Zondervan is Executive Director of the Earth System Governance Project. He is based at the International Project Office hosted by Lund University, Sweden.

Ruben Zondervan is a specialist in international social science research management with experience in science communication,... Read more

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