2015 Environmental Communicator and Miscommunicator Awards


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The IECA Awards Committee has launched the first annual awards for Environmental Communicator of the Year and Environmental Miscommunicator of the Year!

These awards will be based on the views of IECA members. Take a look at each of the categories below and then submit your nominations. You don't need to enter nominations in both categories, but we encourage you to do so.

These are a bit like write-in ballots, so this is your vote. The awards committee will evaluate the submissions and announce the winners in late January or early February 2016. If it is not obvious why you are nominating someone, then please provide the reasons for your nominations so that the committee can make an informed decision.

Environmental Communicator of the Year: Nominate an individual or organization who stands out as making a significant positive impact on environmental awareness and problem-solving through their effective communication efforts in 2015. This could be a public figure (celebrity or politician), prominent artist, activist or advocacy organization, media-maker (journalist/news organization or filmmaker) or...?
Environmental Miscommunicator of the Year: Nominate an individual or organization who miscommunicated in 2015 so as to deceive the public, impede problem-solving and generally interfere with society's vital efforts to move towards positive environmental change.

If you are NOT a member, please don't submit this form.