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Deadline approaching: 3 days to submit abstract for ECREA 2018!

The deadline for submission of abstracts / panel proposals for the 7th European Communication Conference in Lugano is approaching fast - only 3 days left! If you have not submitted your abstracts yet make sure to do so by 28 February (midnight CET), using the conference's submission platform,

Please check submission guidelines carefully,

Best wishes,

Pieter Maeseele and Annika Egan Sjölander

ECREA's Science and Environment Communication Section management team.

Special Issue of Frontiers in Communication on: Public Will, Activism & Climate Change

Note: Abstracts due by April 7th; papers due by September 4th.

Call for Papers on Public Will, Activism & Climate Change

The temperature goals set in the Paris climate accord are likely to become unattainable if global emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise after 2020, according to a June 2017 column published in Nature by some of the world's leading authorities. To avoid the most serious impacts of climate change, the global community must dramatically reduce its use of fossil fuels within the very near future.

While individual behavior changes can reduce emissions, their contributions are insufficient in the absence of large-scale, systemic change. For emissions to rapidly fall, the policies, regulations and technologies that shape our energy use must change in ways that promote sustainable lifestyles and remove existing barriers to sustainable actions. These changes are more likely to be made if citizens and consumers demand them. Thus, collective action by citizens and consumers is sorely needed to prod legislators and corporations into enacting the policies and practices that can stabilize the climate.

Social Science & Content Coordinator

The Climate Advocacy Lab

The Climate Advocacy Lab helps climate and clean energy advocates run smarter public engagement campaigns. Launched in 2015, the Lab has quickly grown to be a network of 2,000+ advocates, social scientists, data experts and funders developing and sharing evidence-based best practices for what works--and what doesn’t--for engaging and mobilizing Americans on climate and clean energy. In addition to running workshops and trainings for the community, the Lab also facilitates and gives grants to support field research aimed at testing how best to engage people on these issues.

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