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Fellow IECA members:  Hi.  I'm back to tell you about IECA Excursion #4 that I have assigned to my environmental communication students (who have been required to join IECA as part of the class).  In this assignment, students are asked to read and catalogue items from two weeks' worth of the "IECA LIST" (e-newsletter that Mark Meisner sends IECA members on a regular basis).  Here are the details:

Pick two weeks of postings from the” IECA List” (you should receive this list via e-mail each Friday).  For each of the two weeks, read each of the items on the list, then indicate in the table below (attached with the assignment) whether you think each item is a news/information clip, an editorial/personal opinion clip, a link to an academic research article, movie-TV review, a job advertisement (academic or other), an announcement about an upcoming conference-class-event, or other.  Then, pick three of the items from the two weeks’ worth of IECA LIST items that you think have relevance to material we have covered so far in class, and write a summary of those items, explaining the relevance (150 words or less per summary).  Be sure to identify the items you choose by week and item number.


Assistant or Associate Professor (Difference, Disagreement, or Conflict in Interaction)                                             

COMM: Discourse & Society Job Ad                                                               

The Department of Communication in the College of Media, Communication and Information at the University of Colorado-Boulder invites applicants for a tenure-track, assistant or associate professor position with expertise in the study of Difference, Disagreement, or Conflict in Interaction in one of the following communication contexts: community, cultural/intercultural, interpersonal, environment, political, or mediated. A PhD in Communication or a closely related field that includes training in the analysis of discourse or interaction is required at the time of appointment, as is a record of excellence in teaching and research. We are looking for applicants who study practices and processes of interaction in actual contexts, and, potentially, are engaged in intervening and designing them.


Fellow IECA members:  Hi.  I'm back to tell you about IECA Excursion #3 that I have assigned to my environmental communication students (who have been required to join IECA as part of the class).

In this assignment, each student is asked to contact another IECA member and send them an e-mail message requesting some information.  Here is the description----

Excursion #3: Contact another IECA member (due by 1159pm on Monday, September 28) 100 points 1. Log into your IECA membership at 2. Find the member directory. 3. Contact by e-mail one IECA member (use last name--same first two letters as your last name--use first letter only if first two are not available--Z last names can use X, Y, or Z). 4. In your e-mail, identify yourself as an IECA member and also a student in Professor Depoe's Environmental Communicaiton class at UC. Ask the member what their current profession or line of work is, when they joined the IECA, why they joined IECA, and what benefits they derive from the membership. 5. Cut and paste the e-mail exchange into your answer (either WORD file or directly as a response to the assignment). 6. As a final point, indicate one thing you learned from the exchange, either about the member you contacted or about the IECA.


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