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About The IECA

The IECA is a professional nexus of practitioners, teachers, scholars, students, artists and organizations engaged in research and action to find more ethical and effective ways to communicate about environmental concerns in order to move society towards sustainability.

Our mission is to foster effective and inspiring communication that alleviates environmental issues and conflicts, and solves the problems that cause them.

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Environmental Communication: What it is and Why it Matters

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Online Course

Registration will open in mid-October for the January 2021 session of Environmental Communication: Research Into Practice.

This course will help you to understand what's distinct about environmental communication and why it's not necessarily the same as other types of public interest or political communication. We'll consider the unique and difficult challenges of communicating well around environmental affairs and sustainability. We’ll explore why much environmental communication today is not as effective as it could be, and is all too often counter-productive. And we’ll give you the information and critical perspective you need to make better communication choices.



Communicating for Food Sustainability
Call for Submissions

Whether you take the perspective of a researcher, digging into interviews about food or analyzing food policies, for example, OR an artist who creates food-related sculptures or performance pieces, for example, OR a practitioner, helping local community members start gardens or cook with the veggies in their CSAs, for example, we’d love to hear what you know about how best to communicate for sustainable food. 

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What's New at the IECA

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Over the course of the last year, a sub-committee of the IECA board has been working on a Strategic Plan. Many thanks to the committee members who volunteered their time to develop the IECA’s first strategic plan: Eric Morgan, Tadesse Sahilu, Leonor Solis, Clive Tesar, Anke Wonneberger, Mark Meisner, and Samantha Senda-Cook. As you’ll read in the plan itself: “By drafting a strategic plan, the leadership of the IECA hoped to codify guiding principles that have been a mainstay of our organization since the beginning. Additionally, we wanted to emphasize some goals as higher priorities. For example, goal three encourages us to increase diversity, which reflects broader global calls for justice.

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Please see attached the Call for Papers for our Special Issue of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media, titled 'Community and Activist Media: Resistance and Resurgence'.

Special Issue editors are Tanja Dreher, Pieter Maeseele, and Susan Forde. Deadline for abstracts is next week, October 1 -- please email the editors directly with your Abstracts. Our timeline for publication is below, and in the attached Call.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Our best regards

Tanja, Pieter and Susan.

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Broto: Art-Climate-Science, a collaboration conference, is looking for 10 art pieces for a non-commercial virtual exhibit to go up on Dec. 1, 2020  on this website and be highlighted during our Dec. 5 & 12  online conference.

The theme is “Affinity”. Submissions should be science- or climate science-based and explore how our society is aligned (or not) with nature. The goal is to document thinking about how we might reframe the Anthropocene as humanity enhancing (vs. extracting) nature.

For works chosen, we are asking only for one-time virtual rights.

There are no fees paid for works selected

Eligibility: Open to all applicants, including minors with parental consent

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BROTO: Art-Climate-Science is a unique conversation in the sustainability world, envisioning climate end games, and creative solutions at planet-scale. To delve into society's troubled relationship with nature, we have an exciting line up of speakers and panels for Broto: Affinity, our December online conference. 

It happens over three one-hour online sessions on Dec. 5, 2020 and another three one-hour online sessions Dec. 12, 2020. It's free to register and participate.

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Current Job Postings

PhD Position: Analysis of Images and Videos on Climate Change - Language and Communication Center, Université catholique de Louvain